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water spot remover

Water Spot Remover

32 oz. Spray Bottle


Water Spot Remover
without wax. For use on matte/flat finish surfaces where no wax is desired.

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water spot plus

Water Spot

32 oz. Spray Bottle


Water Spot Remover
with wax. Spray-On Wipe-Off. For all gloss surfaces
where wax is desired.

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Water Spot Remover
for Glass

8 oz. Bottle


Our Most Effective
Product for use
on Glass
and Chrome.

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Water Spot Gel

16 oz. bottle


Super Strength
Must Rinse Formula.
(Not intended for
use on glass).

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waterspot 101

All About Hard Water Spots

Water spotting occurs when alkaline and calcium in the water combine to form a molecular bond which attaches to surfaces.

Factors involved in the process of water spots becoming Hard Water Spots are heat, exposure to the sun and time left unattended. These factors all contribute to water spots taking on the process of etching themselves into the surface and becoming ever more difficult to remove. Ducky has the four very unique products to deal with each stage.

In the early stages of water spotting either of our spray-on, wipe-off products, Ducky “Original Water Spot Remover” w/o wax or “Water Spot Plus” w/wax, will more than likely do the job.

In the later stages of water spotting on clear coat, gel coat, fiberglass, plastics and auto paint it may require that you use Ducky “Xtreme Water Spot Gel” the Super Strength Formula of this product requires rinsing clean with water! Strong Stuff!

For water spots on glass & chrome use Ducky “Water Spot Remover for Glass & Chrome” this surface specific product is the most effective for glass and chrome. Acid Free formulation rapidly removes old water spots, calcium build-up and more.

We recommend keeping a variety of Ducky Water Spot Removers handy in order to tackle early or late stage water spots

Ducky Water Spot Removers

Original Water Spot Remover (w/o wax)

wsr-upThe spray-on, wipe-off application of this product is the easiest way to combat hard water spots at the early stage prior to them etching into the surface. “Original” Water Spot Remover may be used when no gloss, wax or Ultra Violet protection is desired. Typically used on matte, satin, flat painted or vinyl wrapped surfaces.


Water Spot Plus (w/wax & Uv protection)

ws-plusThe spray-on, wipe-off application of this product is the easiest way to combat hard water spots at the early stage prior to them etching into the surface. Water Spot Plus is recommended for use on auto paint, clear coat, gel coat, plastics or surfaces where a gloss finish and wax are desired.


Water Spot Remover for Glass

ws-glassA surface-specific miracle! Gentle but very powerful, this new product will be your “go to” for stubborn deposits on glass and chrome. This acid free formulation removes more than water’s amazingly effective on mineral and calcium deposits, rust stains, tree sap, paint overspray, soap film and mildew.

Xtreme Water Spot Gel

xtremeThis advanced “super strength” formula is engineered to break the bond between mineral deposits and the surface. XTREME Water Spot Gel will restore optical clarity to stainless steel, gel coat, clear coat, fiberglass and other painted surfaces. This is serious stuff...use it carefully and make sure you rinse and wipe down surfaces afterward.

NOTE: In some cases water spot removal may require professional removal or replacement of damaged surface.

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